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Adult communication and swallowing disorders may occur as a result of illness, surgery, stroke, medications, head injury, and even natural aging.  After these events occur, therapy is often times required to regain the skills and abilities already learned.

Functional speech, language and swallowing goals will help clients reach their safe and optimal potential to resume social lives, re-entry the workforce, and use adaptive devices,

Dysphagia – Swallowing difficulties that could lead to foods and liquids entering the lungs.

Dysphagia (Brochure)    

Parkinson’s,   Huntington’s Multiple Sclerosis and ALS -  Neurologic Diseases brain, muscle and movement.      

Dysarthria -  slurred speech a consequent of weak muscles

Dysarthria (Brochure)    

Aphasia (Language disorder resulting from stroke or head injury).


TBI – Concussion - confusion, memory, cognitive difficulties resulting from head injury and social skills.   

Apraxia - difficulty in programming oral muscles for speech production   

Parkinson’s Voice –  When Parkinson’s Steals Your Voice American Parkinson’s Disease Association.   

Cognitive Communicative Disabilities (Memory or understanding, difficulties in reading or writing)

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